HA-2 Applanation Tonometer (Handheld)

HA-2 Applanation Tonometer (Handheld)

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Features and Benefits

  • Compact, lightweight, and well-balanced; easy to handle with just one hand.
  • Unique, one spring mechanism ensures correct reading regardless of patient's posture.
  • Built-in illumination enables instrument use regardless of lighting conditions.
  • No conversion tables necessary with direct reading type precision dial built into the device.
  • Accessories such as an adjustable headrest and an interchangeable eyepiece provide the most optimal conditions for measurement.
  • Standard prism heads.
  • Standard battery power source.

The HA-2 applanation tonometer is an easily adaptable and accurate tool that works on the Goldmann prism principle. Using industry standard tonometer probes, this instrument is ideal for domiciliary situations or as a back-up tonometer and provides pressure readings using the gold standard applanation principle. The internal spring mechanism allows accurate readings of intra-ocular pressure in any orientation, regardless of patient position or posture. The compact and lightweight design allows simple and easy operation and the built-in illumination enables use of the instrument regardless of the lighting conditions. The precision dial provides direct readings of the pressure. A 3x long eyepiece is also available. 


Weight  240g/0.5lbs 
Type  Handheld Applanation Tonometer 
Applanation Prism  Interchangable Doubling Prism (Optional) 
Scale Range  0 to 60mm Hg (1mm Hg Division) 
Illumination ON/OFF  Interlocked with Thumb Wheel 
Illumination Bulb  Interchangable Lens Bulb 2.5 V, 0.24 A 
Magnification  6x 
Head Rest  Movable 
Length  290mm 

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