Illuminated Cabinet Accessories

  • GL Adjustable Universal Stand

    GL Adjustable Universal Stand

    A universal stand with or without casters for the ESV1018, ESV1200, ESV1500, Models A+, A, or M illuminated cabinets. Stand extends from 34” to 58”. Note: All products sold on should be used by qualified...

  • Battery & Charger Enclosure

    Battery & Charger Enclosure

    A rechargeable battery pack for the ESV1200, ESV1500, or ESV1018 illuminated light cabinets. Comes with adhesive strips for mounting. Dimensions: W 33/8" x L 71/8" x H 11/2". Note: All products sold on should be used...

  • ESV1018 Adjustable Wall Mount Bracket

    ESV1018 Adjustable Wall Mount Bracket

    This wall mount can easily adjust to a patient's eye level for more accurate acuity testing or screening. Extends less than 4" (10.2 cm) from the wall. Shown with ESV1018 (sold separately). Note: The adjustable wall mount will only work...

  • ESV3000 Glare Lights

    ESV3000 Glare Lights

    A set of 2 easy-to-use plug-in glare lights. Can be turned on and off remotely when used in conjunction with the ESV3000. Note: All products sold on should be used by qualified clinician and should be purchased by or on order of a...

  • ESV3000/ESC2000 Floor Stand

    ESV3000/ESC2000 Floor Stand

    A floor stand with casters used with either the ESV3000 & ESC2000 ETDRS, illuminated cabinet, or the CSV-1000 Instrument. The base of the stand measures 27.5" square (69.85 cm). The height is adjustable from a minimum of 33"...

  • Masks Isolating Set

    Masks Isolating Set

    These masks are used when an eye chart is installed in an illuminated cabinet. The patient holds the mask horizontally in front of the chart to isolate an individual symbol or letter. The mask with the 1.25" square hole is used to isolate larger objects...

  • GL Carrying Case

    GL Carrying Case

    A Canvas Carrying Case for the ESV1200, ESV1500, Model A+, Model A, LED Insta-Line Quantum, and Insta-Line PLUS. This durable canvas case includes an adjustable shoulder strap for easy transporting of illuminated cabinets. Note: All...

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