Confirmation Flippers

  • Spherical Flippers

    Spherical Flippers

    Clinical assessment of accommodative facility, accommodative rock, positive/negative relative accommodation and convergence and fusion convergence reserves. Made in the USA. Two pairs of spherical lenses: one pair of plus lenses and one pair of minus...

  •  Optego Prism Flippers

    Optego Prism Flippers

    All prism lenses are chemically hardened glass (plano base curve). The frame has an indicator on each side to show prismatic power and position. The markings indicate the combined powers unless yoked or base up/down. Example A 4^in/4^out = Top...

  • OEP Diagnostic Set

    OEP Diagnostic Set

    Our OEP Diagnostic Set includes three plus/plus flippers for quick dynamic retinoscopy as well as three of the most common plus/minus flippers. Made in the USA Flippers have colour coded handles with the powers clearly marked and fit easily next to...

  • Optego Diagnostic Set, 6 Flippers

    Optego Diagnostic Set, 6 Flippers

    This set includes 6 flippers with coloured handles and a flipper base. Optego’s confirmation flippers have a molded plastic frame with chemically hardened glass lenses. Choose from spherical or prismatic lenses. Ideal for diagnostic...

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