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  • Good-Lite Coloring Rock Game

    Good-Lite Coloring Rock Game

    The Good-Lite Eye-Team® Coloring Rock Game is a fun way to help pediatric and adult patients develop accommodation, ocular movement, and hand-eye coordination. By arranging the distance color grid eye level, 10 feet away, the patient will then...

  • GL Magnetic Pen for Magnetic D-15

    GL Magnetic Pen for Magnetic D-15

    For many years, anyone administering the Farnsworth 100 Hue Tests has complained about how patients cannot avoid touching the color discs. Further, the discs are very easy to lose, resulting in test kits becoming compromised. The Magnetic 100 Hue Color...

  • iRelief USB Heating Eye Mask

    iRelief USB Heating Eye Mask

    EW! Removable cloth overlay that is 100% cotton and machine washable! iReliefTM is a smart eye mask designed to provide heating comfort to the eyes. It works by connecting eye mask with power bank or computer or any other power...

  • Home Vision Therapy Kit

    Home Vision Therapy Kit

    A take-home kit that lets your patients do vision therapy exercises at home. Includes: 10 foot brock string +/-2.00 flipper Paper lifesaver card Clear lifesaver card Frosted patch Red/green bar reading Reversible red/green anaglyph...

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