VT - Accommodation And Convergence

  • GL Eccentric Circles

    GL Eccentric Circles

    710506 & 710516 Central anti-suppression check. The word FOCUS is seen by both eyes. Fixation disparity check. Small hash mark on the top of the outer ring on one card, and on the bottom of the ring on the opposite card to help improve accurate...

  • Z-Axis Accommodative Rock Chart

    Z-Axis Accommodative Rock Chart

    These Z-axis Accommodative Rock Charts are simple tools to help patients develop accommodative facility and control. They can be prescribed as simple home-based exercises to help patients experience responsibility and control over their focusing...

  • Convergence 3 Dot Cards

    Convergence 3 Dot Cards

    Also known as the Albee Card, these double-sided convergence cards feature 3 proportionally spaced dots printed on both sides. One side is printed in red while the other is printed in blue. Convergence is tested by having the patient look at one dot then...

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