Contrast Sensitivity Tests And Charts

  • Adult Contrast Reading Test

    Adult Contrast Reading Test

    This adult near vision low Contrast test features both ETDRS Format and Continuous Text in 100%, 25%, 10%, 5%, and 2.5% Contrast level. Continuous text letter sizes range from 20/100 to 20/20 (6/30 to 6/6) equivalent in each contrast level. ETDRS, format...

  • Sloan Letter ETDRS Folding Chart

    Sloan Letter ETDRS Folding Chart

    Easily measure, record, and detect changes in the transfer of visual information when the change affects only visual acuity at low contrast levels. Charts include the following contrast levels: 25%, 10%, 5%, 2.5%, and 1.25%. Features 5 offset pages...

  • Evans Letter Contrast Test (ELCT)

    Evans Letter Contrast Test (ELCT)

    The Evans Letter Contrast Test (ELCT) chart is the first standardized test for letter contrast. The ELCT chart is designed to be used with either the ESV3000 or ESC2000 providing consistent lighting for improved testing results. The...

  • Mesopic Testing Lenses

    Mesopic Testing Lenses

    These lenses test mesopic contrast sensitivity, acuity, and glare. These lenses are used with the CSV1000, and ESV3000 instruments to reduce the light level from 85 to 3 cd/m2 - the mesopic light level which is recommended by FDA to...

  • CSV1000CA Contrast Chart

    CSV1000CA Contrast Chart

    A chart with Sloan Letter optotypes in proportionally spaced (logMAR) lines; line sizes range from 20/100 to 20/10 in both high contrast and 10% contrast. This chart is designed for use only in the CSV1000 Contrast Sensitivity illuminated cabinet...

  • CSV-1000 ETDRS Chart R

    CSV-1000 ETDRS Chart R

    The ETDRS test is now the US standard for evaluating LogMAR acuity. This CSV1000 ETDRS chart test provides standardized testing of ETDRS acuity. The CSV1000 is the only instrument in which ETDRS acuity can be tested at the standardized light...

  • CSV-1000-1.5CPD Contrast Chart

    CSV-1000-1.5CPD Contrast Chart

    The CSV1000 -1.5CPD Chart is a special test designed specifically for Food and Drug Administration clinical trials. At the recommended test distance of 8 feet, the gratings test one spatial frequency of 1.5 cycles/degree. Note: All products sold on...

  • CSV-1000 S Contrast Chart

    CSV-1000 S Contrast Chart

    The CSV1000S test is widely used for in or out-of-office screenings and for cataract evaluation. This test presents standard visual acuity from 20/15 to 20/200, two rows of spatial frequencies (6 and 12 cycles/degree), and a real-world driver's scene...

  • GL Pediatric Near Low Contrast Test

    GL Pediatric Near Low Contrast Test

    Pediatric Near Contrast Test Booklet with Contrast sensitivity levels of full Contrast (100%), 25%, 10%, 5%, 2.5% and 1.25% proportionally spaced (LogMAR) lines ranging from 20/400 to 20/16 using Michelson measures. One side of each page provides LEA...

  • LEA NUMBERS® Low Contrast Chart

    LEA NUMBERS® Low Contrast Chart

    ETDRS low contrast LEA NUMBERS® vision charts with proportionally spaced (geometric progression) lines. Features translucent low contrast letters with line sizes ranging from 13/131 to 13/5.2 (4/40 to 4/1.6) equivalent. The other equivalents featured...



    Lea Hyvärinen, MD, Ph.D., has created numerous vision assessment and screening products since designing her LEA SYMBOLS® (apple, house, circle, square) in 1976. Over time, individualized eye chart variations using LEA SYMBOLS® were...

  • LEA GRATINGS® Low Contrast Test

    LEA GRATINGS® Low Contrast Test

    These discs measure contrast sensitivity curve based on 4 gratings at 2 contrast levels: 10% and 2.5% contrast. These 2 levels use 2 grating frequencies: the 10% level uses 0.5 cpcm and 8 cpcm while the 2.5% level uses 0.5 cpcm and 4 cpcm. Testing is...

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