Sloan Letter - Near Vision

  • Sloan Letter Response Panel

    Sloan Letter Response Panel

    A Sloan Letter response panel. This panel is great for when the patient cannot verbally respond to the vision test. Note: All products sold on should be used by qualified clinician and should be purchased by or on order of a qualified...

  • Sloan Letter/"C" Pocket Card

    Sloan Letter/"C" Pocket Card

    This easy-to-use visual acuity near vision card features E and C optotypes on one side and Sloan Letters on the other. Both sides have optotypes in proportionally spaced (logMAR) lines with line sizes ranging from 20/400 to 20/10 (6/120 to 6/3)...

  • GL Sloan Letter Near Vision Card

    GL Sloan Letter Near Vision Card

    Standardized adult Sloan Letter near vision card with proportionally spaced (logMAR) lines in ETDRS, format; line sizes range from 20/400 to 20/10 (6/120 to 6/3) equivalent. Attached 16-inch (40 cm) measuring cord ensures proper screening distance...

  • Snellen/Sloan Fixation Stick

    Snellen/Sloan Fixation Stick

    This Sloan Letter Fixation Stick (also known as the Snellen Fixation Stick) was developed for us by J Snow, C.O with 10 rows of black letters from 20/200 to 20/20. Each of the 4 ends has a different size Sloan Letter and is designed so that your fingers...

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