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  • Spanish Near Card

    Spanish Near Card

    This Spanish language near point card is great for patients more familiar with Spanish. This card features continuous reading samples and assessments. Includes notation equivalents for Jaeger, letter size, Point plus Snellen feet, and Snellen Meters...

  • Near Card "Month of May"

    Near Card "Month of May"

    This continuous text near vision reading card shows Letter Size, Point Size, Jaeger and Snellen in Meters and Ft. Covers J 12 to J1 (20/100 to 20/22) in 8 levels. Dimensions: 5" x 7.5" (12.7 cm x 19.05 cm). Testing distance: 16"/40 cm. Note: All...

  • Standard Reading Test Card

    Standard Reading Test Card

    The Standard Reading Test Card has 7 reading examples in the following Letter Point Sizes: 4, 5.5, 7, 10, 11, 12, and 18. The text examples mimic Small Bibles, Newspapers, Books, etc. Dimensions: 5" x 7.5" (12.7 cm x 9 cm). Testing distance: 16"/40 cm...

  • Lebensohn Near Vision Card

    Lebensohn Near Vision Card

    This two-sided contemporary reading card was designed by James Lebensohn, MD, and provides a full range of near vision exercises including words, numbers, and OX symbols. Optotypes include 20/80, 20/400, 20/260, 20/200, 20/100, 20/65, 20/50, 20/40,...

  • Near Point English Contemporary Card

    Near Point English Contemporary Card

    This two-sided continuous text contemporary reading card provides familiar reading exercises, such as a crossword puzzle, help wanted, football and basketball scores, music song bar, calendar, playing cards, recipes, instructions, telephone white page...

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