Vectograph Viewer

  • Vectograph Viewer

    Vectograph Viewer

    These VAC Vectograph Viewers greatly simplify vision therapy by holding vectographs at the proper angle. The vectographic panels can be slid to the ‘breaking point’ and back to the ‘recovery point’. These vectograph viewers...

  • Dual Illuminated Vectograph Viewer

    Dual Illuminated Vectograph Viewer

    The new & improved Dual Illuminated Vectograph Viewer holds two sets of vectographs! This universal model allows you to use both Stereo Optical and Vision Assessment Corporation vectographs. Use this unit with other therapies such as...

  • GL Vertical Fusion Target Set

    GL Vertical Fusion Target Set

    The Vertical Fusion Target Set is used in the treatment of vertical tropias or strabismus. Each of the four black cards fits into the Good-Lite Dual Illuminated Vectograph Viewer (not included). The cards provide the doctor and patient with...

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