Hess Screens And Lasers

  • Hess Test Screen Roll-Up

    Hess Test Screen Roll-Up

    Hess Screen-Roll-up is made of heavy fabric reinforced vinyl. Target is printed in Red ink and is invisible with red or green glasses. Screen Grid area is approximately 60 inches square (152 cm x 152 cm) and rolls up for storage. Mounting hardware...

  • Complete Hess Laser Kit

    Complete Hess Laser Kit

    Estimated lead time: 10-12 weeks Hess Complete Test Kit is more useful in understanding full visual field and any Aniseikonic affects. Further, the Hess Test may be more simple for children to understand thus yielding more reliable results in...

  • Hess Laser Test

    Hess Laser Test

    This set includes red and green Hess Lasers that project a single dot of each color and specially adapted adult Red/Green Anaglyph Glasses to ensure good cancellation. The Hess Lasers can be used with a Hess Screen and a score sheet or with our...

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