Grating Tests

  • CSV-1000-1.5CPD Contrast Chart

    CSV-1000-1.5CPD Contrast Chart

    The CSV1000 -1.5CPD Chart is a special test designed specifically for Food and Drug Administration clinical trials. At the recommended test distance of 8 feet, the gratings test one spatial frequency of 1.5 cycles/degree. Note: All products sold on...

  • LEA GRATINGS® Low Contrast Test

    LEA GRATINGS® Low Contrast Test

    These discs measure contrast sensitivity curve based on 4 gratings at 2 contrast levels: 10% and 2.5% contrast. These 2 levels use 2 grating frequencies: the 10% level uses 0.5 cpcm and 8 cpcm while the 2.5% level uses 0.5 cpcm and 4 cpcm. Testing is...



    LEA GRATINGS® are for preferential looking test situations with infants or children and adults with disabilities to determine detection acuity. Grating levels printed on each handle are: 0.25, 0.5, 1.0, 2.0, 4.0 and 8.0 cpcm (cycles...

  • Medium HEIDI® Fixation Paddle

    Medium HEIDI® Fixation Paddle

    The medium "smiling face" fixation paddle was developed based on studies by Robert Fanz. This fixation paddle is for assessing children with severe disabilities to determine the distance at which the children respond to a high-contrast face figure...

  • Small HEIDI® Fixation Paddle

    Small HEIDI® Fixation Paddle

    This small 2" (5 cm) diameter smiling face fixation paddle was developed based on studies by Robert Fanz. Features include grating on the reverse side, small pictures of a bunny and a giraffe for demanding fixation, and pupil size and corneal diameter...

  • LEA GRATINGS® Acuity Test

    LEA GRATINGS® Acuity Test

    A Resolving/Discrimination Test This test at full contrast requires discrimination of the direction of long lines, which is a more demanding task than the detection acuity measured with the LEA GRATINGS® Acuity Test. The test gratings are presented...

  • KAC Combined Grating Test Card Set

    KAC Combined Grating Test Card Set

    KAC Children’s Grating Test provides a rapid method of determining the visual acuity of infants and young children. The KAC Set is based on the techniques of the Teller Acuity Test pioneered in the United States which was later adapted, tested...

  • LEA Core Test Set

    LEA Core Test Set

    The LEA® Core Test Set contains 47 different tests! Note: All products sold on should be used by qualified clinician and should be purchased by or on order of a qualified clinician.

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