Trial Frames

  • Drop Cell Trial Frame

    Drop Cell Trial Frame

    These Drop Cell Trial Frames combine all the feedback and improvements for Trial Frames we have received over the years. They are similar to the very popular "Kooki" frame which is no longer available. While they are not adjustable for PD, they can be...

  • GL White 4" Occluder Set

    GL White 4" Occluder Set

    This kit includes 4 of our mini 4" (10.1 cm) occluders; 1 mini opaque occluder, 1 mini occluder with a single pinhole, 1 mini red Maddox rod, and 1 mini red filter in a storage box. The Maddox rod is set at 45 degrees from the handle to afford a simple...

  • GL White 4" Red Filter

    GL White 4" Red Filter

    An easy-to-use Mini Red Filter that is only 4" (10.1 cm) long. Features a pupilometer with 8 sizes from 2mm to 9mm and a 6 cm ruler. This filter can easily fit into a trial lens frame and can be cleaned with alcohol. Note: All products sold on Accuspire...

  • GL Mini Maddox 4" Handle

    GL Mini Maddox 4" Handle

    These easy-to-use Mini Maddox Rods are only 4 inches (10.1 cm) long and are available in 3 different colors; red, green, and white (clear). The Maddox rods are set at 45 degrees from the handle to afford a simple flip to change from a horizontal line...

  • GL White 4" Occluder

    GL White 4" Occluder

    These easy-to-use comfortable Mini Occluders are only 4 inches (10.1 cm) long and are available in 3 different versions: full occlusion, single pinhole, or 17 pinholes. Each occluder has a pupilometer printed on the handle with 8 sizes from 2 mm to 9mm...

  • PD Trial Frame

    PD Trial Frame

    These new axis adjustable Fixed PD Trial Frames are quite comfortable since they are very lightweight and sized to the patient’s needs and adjustable for temple length. They are available in sets or individually. The set includes a PD rule to make...

  • GL Adjustable Trial Frame Gray

    GL Adjustable Trial Frame Gray

    These Lightweight Trial Frames are spring-hinged and easy to use. The PD can be adjusted from 54mm to 70mm and accommodates up to four 38mm Trial Lenses on each side. Also features an axis of astigmatism and one-touch adjustments on the nose pad. These...

  • Adult Adjustable Trial Frame

    Adult Adjustable Trial Frame

    These adjustable adult Trial Frames are easy to use and lightweight. The lens holders on the right & left sides hold 5 pieces each of the standard trial lenses. Range of PD scale: 48 to 80mm (24 to 40mm single side) Axis scale step:...

  • GL Universal Trial Frame

    GL Universal Trial Frame

    These Traditional Trial Frame feature the ability to adjust the temple angles, the temple length from 4.125" to 5.5" (98 to 135mm), the nose bridge height from 0 to 14mm, and the nose angle from 0º to 30º. The PD is also adjustable from 24 to...

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