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  • Good-Lite Coloring Rock Game

    Good-Lite Coloring Rock Game

    The Good-Lite Eye-Team® Coloring Rock Game is a fun way to help pediatric and adult patients develop accommodation, ocular movement, and hand-eye coordination. By arranging the distance color grid eye level, 10 feet away, the patient will then...

  • Z-Axis Accommodative Rock Chart

    Z-Axis Accommodative Rock Chart

    These Z-axis Accommodative Rock Charts are simple tools to help patients develop accommodative facility and control. They can be prescribed as simple home-based exercises to help patients experience responsibility and control over their focusing...

  • Color Rock Game Set

    Color Rock Game Set

    The Color Facility Rock Game is used in therapy for accommodative facility development. Both the range over which the patient can accommodate and the speed of the accommodative response is considered important in the technique. However, since the game...

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