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Understanding Glaucoma Risk Factors and Diagnosis

Posted by Accuspire on Oct 9th 2023

The exact cause of glaucoma is not yet known, but it is found out that intraocular pressure is one of the causes of this condition. Even normal pressure is known to cause glaucoma. If both or any one of your parents is having this condition, there is a ten percent chance of getting glaucoma. If one of your siblings is having this condition, it is very important for all the siblings to get their eyes checked thoroughly as there is a greater chance of having this condition.

It is estimated that one in seven people over the age of eighty run the risk of having this condition. If you are more than 60, the chances are six times more than normal for having this condition. African-American as well as Asian has the risk of developing angle closure glaucoma. Thinner cornea is also prone to get damaged from intraocular pressure and thus have the risk of contracting glaucoma.

High cholesterol level is known to cause various heart diseases. It is also known to cause ocular hypertension. Most of the patients ask their ophthalmologist about safe intraocular pressure. Actually there is nothing like safe intraocular pressure and it all depends upon the situation. 21mmHg is said to be a good pressure. If one eye is having pressure of 12mmHg and the other eye is having pressure of 25 mmHg, which is slightly higher than the good pressure, the former is said t have glaucoma and is regarded as normal tension glaucoma. Glaucoma must be diagnosed early to prevent any damage to the eyes and it can occur at any age. Regular eye examination is needed to detect glaucoma early.

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