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​Treatment Alternatives For Eye Floaters

Posted by Accuspire on Apr 6th 2023

If you see dark particles appearing in your line of vision, they are nothing but eye floaters. They are usually made of grey or dark specks and seem like floating when you move the eyes. They are clearly visible when you focus on a light colored subject.

Eye floaters are formed in vitreous humor and are jelly like substance. The vitreous humor functions like a shock absorber for our eyes. The floaters move along when the eyeball moves and surprisingly they disappear when you try to focus them. This is very common and harmless but it annoys us when it appears as flecks or tiny spots. When they become bigger, they also disturb the line of sight.


The vitreous humor gets degenerated because of ageing. It also pulls away from retina. It is also caused by bleeding in the retina and eye inflammation. Diabetic retinopathy is also known to cause eye floaters. The other causes are eye injury, myopia, eye surgery etc.


Usually there is no need of treatment. But when there is increase in number of floaters suddenly, treatment is required. Otherwise it will damage the eyes internal structures. Retinal detachment is also observed, if any. When the vitreous humor is pulled from retina, it causes a hole in the retina. This can affect entire vision and so laser treatment is prescribed.

Virectomy is also prescribed if the floaters are interfering with the vision. This procedure involves removal of vitreous humor with the help of a needle. Vitreous humor is then replaced by salt water solution.

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