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​Swimming with Contact Lenses
Feb 3rd 2020 Posted by Accuspire

​Swimming with Contact Lenses

One may decide to go for swimming on a warm summer day. But if you are wearing a contact lens, you might be wondering whether to swim with contact lens or not. Unfortunately, swimming with contact lenses is absolutely dangerous and it may damage the eyes causing injury. Let us see what to do instead.

According to FDA, contact lens should not come in contact with water. Corneal ulcer and eye infection may affect you if you swim with contact lenses in water. These conditions occur because microbes like Acanthamoeba can survive between our eyes and the contact lens. It is resistant to most of the disinfectants and can survive even after you take out your lens and clean it. Acanthamoba Keratitis is associated with contact lenses and can even cause vision loss.

The chlorine present in swimming pool kills most of the bacteria but not all. The chlorine, when it comes in contact with the lenses, damage it and cause eye irritation. It also makes the lens removal a difficult process. Always be sure to take out your contact lens before swimming and showering. If you have high power and cant swim without lenses, buy a good pair of prescription swimming goggles. They are also available with UV protection as an added layer of protection. Consult your doctor before buying and choose which fits you perfectly.

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