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Jul 28th 2023 Posted by Accuspire

Presby LASIK - Laser Vision Correction Surgery

This laser vision correction surgery is an advanced method. It changes the corneal shape and creates different power zones for viewing at varied distances. Clinical trials in U.S is underway but in other countries it has rendered promising results.

Addressing Presbyopia: Restoring Focusing Flexibility

It is done when the focusing flexibility of the eyes natural lens gets lost. After 40 years of age, no one gets saved from the whip of presbyopia. Some of the solution for this are: multifocal contact lenses, eyeglasses and artificial lenses.

Excimer laser manufactures are developing multifocal corneal treatment with the view to help people suffering from presbyopia, without the need for glasses. Currently FDA approved LASIK procedure provides only monovision, that is, one eye corrected for clear distant vision and the other for near vision. It is not suitable for many people as it may cause depth perception problems.

How Multifocal LASIK Works

Working of multifocal LASIK: an eximer laser is used to reshape cornea for far, near and intermediate vision. The brain then selects apt zone for sharp vision, depending on the objects distance. In every zone, light is refracted or bent differently which allows people to have clear vision. However multifocal lenses may cause visual distortions, but it is not the same in multifocal laser.

Nearly 85 percent of people are pleased with the results this treatment provides. Just 10 percent people needed an enhancement surgery. It provides good vision and one can work on the computer without any hassle.

Considerations and Potential Complications

If the surgery is done for monovision, one may need an eyeglass for vision correction on another eye. It is very important for a person to have near vision as well as far vision clearly and multifocal option is preferable. Currently clinical trials are underway for reversal procedure. There is also possibility of distant vision getting blurred after this surgery and also reduced contrast sensitivity. If the problem persists, consult your doctor. Cataract is also possible after this surgery and the changes made in cataract during this surgery might be challenging for your surgeon to do the cataract surgery. Always choose an experienced surgeon for this kind of problem.

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