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​Herpes zoster: Symptoms And Treatment
Jul 31st 2020 Posted by Accuspire

​Herpes zoster: Symptoms And Treatment

Herpes zoster condition is caused by the herpes zoster virus and it is also known as shingles. It is a painful rash which is red in color and also with blisters. Finally it opens up and scabs over. This is the same virus which is responsible for causing chicken pox.

When a person is suffering from chicken pox, the virus stays dormant in the nerve cells of the body and usually do not show any symptoms. After sometime the virus gets active and begins to cause problems to our body. This can also get active when a person is aged, because the body’s immune system gets weakened. The immune system can be weakened by some of the conditions such as anxiety, stress, poor nutrition, exhaustion, fatigue, illness, radiation therapy and certain medications given to suppress the immune system such as cyclosporins or corticosteroids or chemotherapy.

This virus is contagious and it is passed from an affected person to a person who is not having chicken pox. The newly infected person will not develop shingles, instead chicken pox will develop. If you are suffering from this condition do not get near unaffected people whose immune system is weak, pregnant women and infants.

Herpes zoster Treatment:

Treatment is done to relieve the rash, pain of shingles and swelling. The treatment also includes using eye drops to moisten the dry eyes and to fight infection. Some other medications are used to relieve pain, redness and for virus treatment. Cool moist compress is also used for relief. Sometimes shingles can cause conditions like double vision, cataracts, glaucoma etc. consult your doctor if you are suffering from such conditions. There is a vaccine available for shingles but it will not ease active shingles. Have a chat with your doctor to know more about the vaccine.

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