Ophthalmic Sutures

Ophthalmic Sutures, Double Armed, Stainless Steel

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Shop High Quality Ophthalmic Sutures used by Leading Surgeons in Eye Surgeries. 

Key Features

  1. Burr-free needles manufactured from high strength stainless steel
  2. Maximum bending and form stability allows for excellent penetration
  3. Optimal channel geometry enables strong suture attachment 
  4. All Sutures are double armed
Specification Table 
Model (SKU #) Needle Type Diameter Length Circle Suture Size Type Length
US-1002LZN Micro Spatula 0.2mm 6.0mm

3/8 (140°)

10/0 Nylon 40 cm
US-6002LZV Side Cutting Spatula 0.33mm 8.0mm

1/4 (90°)

6/0 PGA 45 cm
US-7002LZV Micro Spatula 0.23mm 6.5mm

3/8 (140°)

7/0 PGA 30 cm
US-8002LZV Micro Spatula 0.20mm 6.0mm

3/8 (140°)

8/0 PGA 30 cm









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