COOL IT ROLLER 7'' x 3.75'' For Cold Compression Therapy (CR65-G)

Cool It Roller 7'' x 3.75'' (Large) For Cold Compression Therapy

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  • Size: 7'' Long x 3.75'' Wide
  • Color: Grey
  • Use the large Cool-It roller for treating pain and inflammation associated with sports injuries, shin splints, arthritis, and chronic back aches. 

The Cool-It Roller combines the natural healing powers of massage and cold therapy to reduce swelling and skin irritation by constricting blood vessels and improving microcirculation. The spa-quality roller, with its durable surgical grade stainless steel wheel is available in two sizes (Each sold separately) allowing you to customize your experience.  

The small Cool-It roller makes it easy to maneuver around the contours of the face.  Use it to diminish under eye puffiness and alleviate minor skin irritation.  Its size is also ideal for treating pain from tennis elbow or carpal tunnel syndrome.  

How does it work?
The Cool-It Roller reduces swelling, inflammation, and pain with a combination of cold compression and gentle massage. Cold compression therapy constricts the blood vessels in irritated skin which helps decrease swelling and eases pain. The drop in temperature of the skin slows cell metabolism, limiting cell damage to affected tissue. The easy to maneuver roller stimulates microcirculation in the tiny capillaries of the skin to improve delivery of oxygen and nutrients and promote skin detoxification.
Why is the Cool-It Roller Superior?
  • Stays Cold With No Wet Mess
Ice packs and ice cubes are messy and clumsy.  The roller will reach its effective icy temperature after about an hour in the freezer.  The Cool-It Roller maintains its cold temperature up to 20 minutes for the small size and 45 minutes for the large.  And it won't melt or drip.
  • Targets the Irritated Skin
Unlike ice packs, the size and shape of the Cool-It Roller makes it easy to treat small areas of skin and to focus on sensitive hard to reach spots.
  • Gentle Massage
The rolling action provides a gentle massage. The comfortable grip makes it easy to control the amount of pressure applied to the irritated skin.
  • Durable, Spa-Quality Products
Cool-It Roller's wheel is made from surgical grade stainless steel, which has been micro-polished for a smooth surface.
Uses for the Cool-It Roller
  • Helps diminish under eye puffiness and alleviate minor skin irritations.
  • Reduces inflammation, swelling, and irritation that may develop following beauty treatments and cosmetic procedures* including waxing, dermabrasion, microdermabrasion, chemical peels, and laser procedures for skin resurfacing, hair, and tattoo removal.
  • Prepares skin for cosmetic treatments--numbing the surface while leaving in clean and dry.
*Consult your doctor before using the product after cosmetic procedures
How do I use my Cool-It Roller?
Using the Cool-It Roller is extremely simple! Just follow the instructions below:
  • First make sure you've removed the plastic from the roller wheel.
  • Next put the roller in a plastic freezer bag. Try and get the bag as air-tight as possible.
  • Now place it in your freezer for around an hour for the small size or two hours for the large.
  • Remove your Cool-It Roller from the freezer and the freezer bag.
  • Now that your roller is cool enough, begin massaging it over the area you'd like to treat.
  • It is not recommended that you treat one area continuously for over 20 minutes.
  • Store your roller in the freezer so it is always ready when needed.
How do I take care of my Cool-It Roller?
  • Be sure you've removed the plastic wrapped around the roller head on your new Cool-It Roller.
  • Place your Cool-It Roller in a plastic freezer bag when you are cooling it, this prevents frost or debris from building up on the roller head.
  • Your Cool-It Roller can be stored in a freezer or cooler to ensure that it will be ready when you need it.
  • You can clean your Cool-It Roller by hand with dish soap or using antimicrobial and antiviral sprays.
  • Do not use abrasive sponges or brushes; this could damage the surfaces of the wheel and handle. The Cool-It Roller's stainless steel wheel is designed to resist corrosion.
  • Do not use cleaning products that have harsh chemicals such as chlorides, as they are skin irritants and could damage the roller.
  • Be sure your Cool-It Roller is completely dry before putting in back into your freezer, so that it is ready to use again.
  • Do not put your Cool-It Roller into a dishwasher or microwave.
Frequently Asked Questions

How many sizes does the Cool-It Roller come in?

The Cool-It Roller comes in two different sizes and two different colors. You can choose a large or small sized roller in grey or white.

How does the Cool-It Roller compare to a wrapped-on ice pack?

30 minutes of treatment with a Cool-It Roller will get your skin down to the same temperature as a 20 minute treatment from a wrapped-on ice pack, however without the roller you will be missing out on the massage treatment.

How long do I need to use the Cool-It Roller to get the benefits from it?

To get the most out of a treatment using a Cool-It Roller, you should use the roller for around 20 minutes in a specific area.

How long does it take to get the roller to the recommended temperature?

It takes around one hour for the small roller to get cool enough for treatment, and about two hours for the large roller.

How long will the roller stay cold?

The small roller will stay cold for about 15-20 minutes, while the large rollers stay cold for around 60 minutes.

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