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Will Orthokeratology Work For Children?

Posted by Accuspire on Sep 17th 2023

Children are prone to several eye conditions right from childhood, because they do not follow the instructions given by their parents for maintaining good eye health. When children are suffering and have a problem in their eyes, it becomes the problem of parents as well. It is a difficult task to detect a child’s eye problem because they are not able to say how they feel. It is the duty of parents to look for non-verbal signs and symptoms and in some cases they have to guess.

Navigating Eye Conditions in Children

When they are diagnosed with an eye condition, the problem worsens again. This is because we have to look for a good ophthalmologist for our child’s eye condition. Usually eye glasses are the first line of corrective measures. But if the child is engaged in high physical activity, eye glasses are not a good option. There are chances of misplacing the glass somewhere or they will break it while playing.

Contact lenses may help in this condition but it’s too risky for children to wear them. We cannot monitor our children when they are in school and if the eyes get irritated, we won’t be available to help them. They may try to remove it on their own and in turn will hurt their eyes.

Orthokeratology as an Alternative

There is an alternative solution for this and it is orthokeratology. It is done to correct nearsightedness or myopia. It involves eye lenses which are fitted on the child’s eyes when they are sleeping at night. The lenses are then removed in the morning and children are able to see clearly without the help of glasses or lenses. Before involving your child in orthokeratology treatment, it is important to get your children ready psychologically and to coordinate with the doctor.

There are also some risks associated with this treatment procedure. When the child is wearing the lens, he or she may suffer eye injuries such as corneal abrasion or corneal ulceration. One must ask his ophthalmologist about ways to prevent this kind of injuries and other safety first aid measures in case of an injury.

The eyes are tried with several fittings and cleaning sessions to ensure that the child is feeling comfortable on wearing them. One of the biggest advantages is that the parents are able to monitor their children as the lenses are only worn at night and in case of an injury, they are able to help them. It is also important to clean the lenses on a daily basis with the lens solution prescribed. They should be cleaned before and after wearing. When they are not in use, they must be stored in the given case. Orthokeratology slows down vision deterioration. There are small problems associated but the advantages are many compared to it. Consult your doctor to know more about Orthokeratology.

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