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Sep 11th 2023 Posted by Accuspire

​What To Do When Conjunctivitis Is Allergic?

Conjunctivitis is one of the common eye conditions. It is also known as pink eye condition because the eyes turn pinkish when you suffer from this condition. It is also associated with inflammation of conjunctiva, tissue which covers the white part of our eyes. One of the types of conjunctiva is caused by allergies and it is called allergic conjunctivitis. It refers to the conjunctiva inflammation, but in specific, it is caused by pollens and dander.


There is no scientific evidence on how allergic conjunctivitis is caused hereditarily. When the eyes are exposed to allergy causing substances such as pollen, histamine is released in eyes, which in turn causes swelling of conjunctiva. This causes the eyes to appear red and also itchy and watery. One should not rub his or her eyes when they are suffering from this condition. It may exacerbate the symptoms.


Some of the symptoms associated with this condition are stingy discharge from eyes, dilated vessels in conjunctiva, puffy eyelids – noticed when you wake up in morning, red eyes, excessive tearing, watery eyes, burning sensation, itchy feeling etc.


If you think that you are suffering from this condition, consult your doctor immediately and get appropriate treatment. Allergy or positive skin testing is done to detect presence of allergens which are responsible for causing this condition. White blood vessels may also be present in secretions, scraping or discharge. Raised small are also seen on the inner parts of eyelids.

Prevention and Management Techniques:

To avoid getting this condition one must not expose his eyes to allergy causing substances. If you get this condition, apply cool compress on eyes. Keep the cool compress in freezer for five minutes and apply it over the eyes. Anti histamines are prescribed by the doctor. They are over-the-counter medicines and it is important to take it in prescribed amount. Anti histamine drops are also available as drops, which are applied on the eyes. Eye drops are also prescribed to prevent white blood cells from releasing histamine. When the condition is severe, steroid eye drops are prescribed.

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