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​Vision of Visually Impaired
Jan 27th 2020 Posted by Accuspire

​Vision of Visually Impaired

We always wonder how visually impaired people see. It is very difficult to understand or judge their experience. No one can recognize a non-visual world. Of course, they don’t see the world like the same way as we see the world.

There are various types of impairment. So there are lots of types these people see a particular object according to the type of impairment. Some people who are denoted as visually impaired are able to perceive light and shadow. The other few who once had normal vision and lost due to some circumstances can visually see things through their brains as the remember the visual input when their vision was normal. Some fall under the category of semi blind that are considered as visually impaired but they are able to make out objects that are large and those objects or people that are familiar to them.

The state of vision in people who have been fully categorized under visually impaired since their birth are explained by some points. It is necessary to understand what the idea of being visually impaired. Some people tend to close their eyes and test their vision to experience what the visually impaired people actually see. Those people should remember that even with the closure of eyes, on can still blackness. It should be remembered that those visually impaired people who remain so since birth neither has visual input nor could they see black or white color. The fact is that they see nothing. In order to understand this one should imagine what it looks like through the back side of one’s head. It is equal to the vision one gets through their back part of the skull. 

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