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​Types Of Retinal Detachment Surgery

Posted by Accuspire on Jul 21st 2023

In most of the cases for repairing retina, surgery becomes necessary. A simple procedure is just needed for minor detachments.


It is performed by a surgeon using the help of a laser. It is performed in cases when a person has a tear or hole in retina, but the retina is still attached. The tear site gets burned by the laser, and the resulting scar fixes our retina back to the eye.


This is another option. It is associated with intense and freezing cold. Usually the surgeon applies a freezing probe outside the eye in the retinal tear area. The resultant scar will help to hold the retina in place.


This involves a pneumatic procedure to repair minor detachments. The surgeon puts a gas bubble in eyes which helps retina move back against the wall of the eye. Finally the surgeon uses a freezing probe or laser to seal holes once the retina is back in place.

Scleral buckling

A band is placed around the outside of eye to push the eye wall into retina, getting back to place for proper healing. It is done in combination with virectomy. Retinopexy or cryopexy is also performed during this procedure.


It is done for larger tears and anaesthesia is involved in this procedure. It is also performed as outpatient procedure. The surgeon uses tiny tools to remove scar tissue or abnormal vascular tissue and vitreous, which is a gel like tissue from retina. Then the retina is put back in place whit the help of a gas bubble. Retinopexy or Cryoperxy is also performed during this procedure.

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