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Types of Migraines and its Differences – Aura Vs Ocular
Jun 11th 2020 Posted by Accuspire

Types of Migraines and its Differences – Aura Vs Ocular

Migraine is not the pain that appears pricking the head. It does not stop with the head, but attached with visual disturbances too. Most of the people with migraine experience problems in both the eyes whereas some experience in both the eyes. That condition which is associated with visual problems is known as ocular migraine. It is very difficult to differentiate between the types of headaches.

Migraine Symptoms

The symptoms that help to identify the types are as follows.

The ocular migraine creates problem in one eye, whereas, the aura creates problem in both the eyes. Whatever be the case, migraine is always related with vision. It can be easily identified. Those who are affected visualize light flashes, flickering lights, patterns that appear to be zigzag, blind spots and lines that are floating. The migraine headache is signaled through these symptoms. The migraine types either aura or ocular confuses as at times the migraine that is aura lasts long and appears to be ocular. The migraine is sometimes linked with nausea and high sensitivity for light.

Research indicates that the migraine symptoms are caused due to sudden blood-flow reduction. This is caused in the compression of the blood vessels. Both the types have different symptoms and difference visionary problems. As far as the aura migraine is concerned, the occipital cortex of the brain that is placed at the bottom of the skull forms the basis. While for the ocular migraines blood vessels of the retinal cortex becomes the basis. The migraine with aura is still felt even after covering the eyes with hands as it is linked with the brain.

Remedy measures for this lies in approaching medical help. This helps in avoiding any further stroke and detachment of the retina. Some of the things that initiate migraine are drinks, stress, pressure, smoking, sleeplessness and dehydration. Although these visionary disturbances are temporary, and not much harmless to the eye, proper medical treatment is essential.

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