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Dec 6th 2022 Posted by Accuspire

​Treatment Procedure For Infective Conjunctivitis

This condition can be treated in a number of ways and it all depends on the severity. Medical treatment is not needed for most of the conjunctivitis as it usually clears up on its own in a week time.


Antibiotics are used to ease infective conjunctivitis, when the patient is suffering for more than two weeks. If the condition is not severe, there is no needed to use antibiotics. Usually, two types of antibiotics are used to treat conjunctivitis. The first one is chlorsig and the second one is gentamicin. Chlorsig is a form of eyedrops. It must be used for two days. A drop of chlorsig has to be put one every eye with a time interval of two hours. Then the frequency has to be decreased for four hours for five days. You can sleep as per your regular sleep cycle and it has to be used when you are awake. It must not be used frequently as it contains preservatives. This drug is best for gram positive bacteria. For gram negative bacteria, gentamicin is used.

Self care is also important during the infected period. Washing the hands is very important, to keep the infection at control. If your hands come in contact with the eyes, wash it immediately so that it does not infect other people. A soaked cotton wool can also be used to remove any kind of sticky discharge from the eyes. if you are a contact lens wearer, it is advised not to wear it until the condition is resolved and don’t forget to discard the old lens to prevent the eyes from getting contaminated again. Lubricants as well as eye drops are also used to relieve the infection. They are used when the eyes feel sticky and it is advised to use a non-preservative lubricant.

Side effects:

When eye drops are used, there are some side effects such as blurry vision, stinging and burning sensation in eyes. They just last for a little time period. If the condition lasts for more than two weeks, it is advised to seek the help of an ophthalmologist. Some the condition can occur because of sexually transmitted diseases such as Chalmydia and it takes months for recovery. During this period oral antibiotics are prescribed.

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