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Jan 28th 2019 Posted by Accuspire

Treating Dry Eyes with Herrick Plugs and Eagle Vision Punctal Plugs

Eyes always require adequate moisture to prevent it from dryness. Tears usually work as the moisturizer to our eyes. Incase if enough tears are not produced or due to poor quality of tears which leads to dry eyes. Does your eyes does not produce plenty of tears? The best way to get rid of dry eyes is to use the punctal plugs. The optometrist or ophthalmologist prefers the punctal plug for occlusion therapy respective to the seriousness of the dryness in eyes.

The link mentioned below has a brief description about the punctal plug’s fitting to avoid the fear of insertion of punctal plug process. Here’s how punctal pulg’s are inserted. The Herrick plug’s and the Eagle Vision punctal plugs are the two types of effective punctal plug’s which are usually prescribed by Optometrist to diagnose the dry eyes.

The punctal cautery is the process of closing the scars by burning the tear duct opening which is usually performed when the dryness is uttermost seriousness. The area which is cauterized is anesthetized. The above video also describes in detail about the punctal cautery.

Check the link and watch the video to get rid of the fear of punctal plug and get the eye dryness treatment done.

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