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​Training for A-Scan running staff
Nov 18th 2019 Posted by Accuspire

​Training for A-Scan running staff

The a-scan is essential in cataract surgery. It is capable of using new lens designs and also improves the surgical results. It is necessary to train the staff for using a-scan.

Training steps:

Training is needed for effective results so as to receive best result. The staff who provide training must be highly skilled in order to practice effectively. The company from where the instrument is purchased can only provide good quality training.The overall experiences undergone by the patients prior , during and after the cataract surgery is needed in deciding the scope of success.

  1. The staff should be educated the manner to operate the user menu and the default settings of the machine.
  2. The staff should be taught the eye scanning technique.
  3. They should be trained to handle patients with dense cataract.
  4. The staff should get training to read and interpret.
  5. They should be able to set-up lens groups and understand the calculations.
  6. Should be trained to adjust the calculations and refine them.
  7. Should be skilled enough to rectify fixation difficulties and maintain the machine properly.
  8. Know to ensure comfort to the patients and give out accurate predictions.

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