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​Things you need to know about iLASIK

Posted by Accuspire on Aug 17th 2023

Laser surgery is popular among many people. It provides various benefits and many people have undergone it to improve their vision. However, there are many people who are still concerned about the safety of it. Lets us know some things about laser eye surgery.

LASIK and iLASIK: Pioneering Vision Correction

LASIK is also known as laser assisted in situ keratomileusis and is one of the more popular laser eye surgeries. iLASIK is an advanced form of LASIK surgery which uses the same technology as LASIK. It is very useful for patients because it is very safe, affordable and effective. There is no pain involved in this procedure and it is also done in a fast manner, saving precious time.

Proven Safety and Technology

When it comes to safety, it uses a safe technology that is in use for more than a decade. In U.S, it is one of the most common procedures. Before conducting this procedure, a thorough eye examination is done by an iLASIK surgeon. The blueprint of the eyes is taken with the help of software installed on a computer. The blueprint helps the surgeon to perform customized laser correction.

Comfortable Procedure and Innovative Flap Creation

Numbing drops are given so that the patients do not feel any pain during the procedure. There is no need o any anesthesia and the patient is awake while performing the procedure. In fact, the patient will not feel anything on the eyes. With the help of laser, a thin flap is created on the eyes. Through the flap, the surgeon performs the laser procedure to correct vision. Intralase Fematosecond laser is used to create the flap. One of the biggest differences is that the traditional LASIK surgery involves a blade to create the flap, while in this procedure there is no need to a blade.

The cornea is corrected with the help of a second laser. This procedure is very safe and complications are very rare. It just takes ten minutes to reshape the cornea and to correct refractive errors. With this procedure, both the eyes can be treated on the same day. The results depend on the condition of eyes. Recent studies revealed that many people have benefitted from this procedure. If you are concerned about traditional LASIK surgery then iLASIK is best for you.

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