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Feb 3rd 2019 Posted by Accuspire

​Stye – Home Remedies To Manage It

Stye is a small painful red lump on the eyes, an unwanted addition which does not look good. It is estimated that nearly 2 lakh people are suffering from stye in U.S annually. It keeps on increasing day by day and becomes painful and you may also feel itchy. Overtime, it affects your vision making it blurred when pressing against the eyeball.

Internal styes and external styes

Also known as Hordeolum, it is either external or internal.

  • External styes – result of hair follicle infection at the start of eyelids, appears like a pimple and never to be popped.
  • Internal styes – a red bump inside the eyelids, occurs due to infection within eyelid’s oil producing gland.

The people suffering from Blepharitis are usually affected by styes.

Home remedies to Manage stye problem

In order to manage styes there are some home remedies. Some of them are:

Green or Black tea bags

This is one of the effective methods. Apply a cooled down Black or Green tea bag over your eyelids after making a cup of tea. They are rich in antibacterial properties and helps in reducing inflammation. It is important to moist the tea bags before applying it over eyes.

Cucumber or potatoes

Cucumbers are rich in moisture content and so are potatoes. Thy decrease inflammation and irritation caused by styes. To achieve instant relief, refrigerate cucumber and potatoes and apply it for 10 minutes over the eye lids.

Salt and water

Boil 1 litre of water and add 2 tablespoon of salt to it. This mixture contains anti microbial agents. Dip a clean cloth into the mixture, squeeze a little and apply it over the stye for 20 minutes till the cloth becomes cool. This will reduce the swelling and pain to an extent.

Avoid eye makeup and contact lenses

Removing eye makeup before going to bed is recommended. It is also advised not to wear eye makeup or contact lenses till you get rid of the stye. Stye can contaminate the lenses by depositing bacteria.

One of the best ways to manage stye is using Bruders moist heat eye compress. Microwave the moist heat compress for 20 minutes and apply it over the eyes. It rehydrates the eyes and stimulates the oil glands and clears any blockages.

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