​Steps To Protect Contact Lenses

​Steps To Protect Contact Lenses

Posted by Accuspire on Nov 1st 2019

Some may think that water is pure and drink it. If water is safe for drinking then we can store our contact lenses in it. Why not? This assumption is wrong. When someone is dealing with medical technology, they must be very careful. Sometimes science trumps our belief and common sense.

There are millions of microbes around us which are not seen with a naked eye, even on a clean place. They may mingle with the contact lens and can cause many problems. This can be avoided if some steps are followed. They are:

One must always wash his/her hands before touching a contact lens or eyes. Always follow doctor’s advice and act accordingly for proper management of your lenses. Pour all the solution in lens case and rinse it. Allow it to air dry. Put a little solution in the palm and rub the lens placed in solution using your index finger before soaking it. Every three months, replace your case. Do not forget to remove your lenses before swimming. Examine regularly for any damage in the lens. Visit your doctor regularly as scheduled and always wear contact lenses before make-up.

Always use lens case to store lenses. Do not use rewetting drops to clean your lenses or any other alkaline solution, as it may damage the lenses. Paper cups should not be used as lens cases. Do not transfer the cleaning solution from one container to another and never use remaining solution. Before substituting nay lens care products, consult your doctor. Do not overuse your lenses even after its replacement date. Do not buy any lenses without prescription and never share lenses with your friends.