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​Stages of Dry Eyes and Symptoms

Posted by Accuspire on Feb 9th 2019

There are many people in the world suffering from dry eyes day by day. Dry eyes, if left untreated may lead to severe infections. There are four stages of dry eyes and you also can be one of the persons suffering from any one of these stages. Regular eye checkup is one of the solutions to get rid of dry eyes.

Mild symptoms (stage 1)

This initial phase can be easily diagnosed by an ophthalmologist by tracing mild strains of conjunctivitis or breaking up of tear film. Blurred vision, itching and burning sensation are some of the common symptoms at this stage. You will also notice that you are blinking and rubbing the eyes more frequently.

The patients will try to know more about this disease in this stage and so you have to learn more about this disease to prevent it from advancing further to stage 2. Managing it from home is the best way. Most of the doctors will suggest moist heat therapy at this stage. The Bruders moist heat eye compress is one of the efficient ways to manage dry eyes and to regularize the tear flow.

Moderate symptoms (stage 2)

The second stage can be easily detected by a doctor. He will examine whether the tear film breaks up within 2-7 seconds and shows any visual signs. The soreness and redness in the ocular surface worsens at this stage. The other symptoms such as redness, grittiness also turn worse.

The treatment at this stage must be quick. The inflammation in the ocular surface can be reduced by using a cold compress. For this the Bruders moist heat eye compress can do the magic. Simply put the Bruders moist heat eye compress inside a freezer and use it. Alternatively, you may also use Bruders cold compress.

Severe symptoms (stage 3)

Within 3 seconds time the tear film will break up, conjunctival stains, and marked punctate central corneal staining. The neural communication between the gland producing tears and ocular surface gets disrupted. There is a self-inflammation cycle development. The tear hyperosmolarity and ocular surface inflammation increases the severity.

It is important to keep the eyes hydrated at all times during this stage and so the cold therapy and moist eye compress are must at this stage. Doctors may also suggest permanent punctal occlusion.

Most severe symptom (stage4)

In this stage you will feel as some foreign particle is inside your eyes accompanied with burning and itching sensation. Other symptoms like blurriness, grittiness, dryness and photophobia will become severe. The Ophthalmologist will check for conjunctival damage, corneal staining or breaking up of tear film in 3 seconds.