Post-Menopausal And Dry Eyes | Eye Care

Post-Menopausal And Dry Eyes | Eye Care

Posted by Accuspire on Oct 1st 2019

Dry eye is a cause of concern for menopausal women. It is believed that hormone replacement therapy (HRT) can ease dry eyes, but studies suggest that it may worsen dry eyes symptoms and can increase the risk.

The dry eyes are experienced in a lot of ways. Some say their eye is irritating, uncomfortable and scratchy while others complain of blurred vision, burning sensation and red eyes. If you have spent a lot of time reading or working on a computer the situation worsens further. There are various theories of dry eyes in menopausal women. Some say there is a disruption of chemical signal which help in maintaining healthy tear film while others say that there is a decrease in hormones which help in tear production. However it can affect your daily activities.

How to overcome dry eyes

Menopausal dry eye treatment includes eye drops, lid scrubs, warm compress or combination of these. If dry eyes get unnoticed it causes impaired vision, damage eye tissues and even scar the corneas. If you are interested in wearing contact lens to ease dry eyes, consult your doctor. After diagnosing your eyes and checking for healthy tear film, your doctor says yes and you can proceed with wearing lens. Presbyopia is a condition which occurs to women at the same age. There are contact lenses to correct that too. If you are planning about doing refractive surgery instead of contact lens, consult your doctor and get treatment for dry eyes first.