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Nov 10th 2022 Posted by Accuspire

Pinguecula – Causes And Treatment

Did you notice small nodules growing in the white part of the eyes? These nodules may appear yellowish, grey or even colorless and can appear in both the eyes. This is an eye condition known as pinguecula. In this condition, the nodules are seen in elevated external condition and are formed on the conjunctiva of the eyes. This part is known as limbus.

This is a normal condition and does not lead to cancer. But this condition can cause difficulty for a person to wear contact lenses and leads to eye irritation. It will not expand and overshadow the cornea, but it can cause another eye condition known as pterygium. Pterygium can grow over the cornea and can affect eye vision. It is very important to consult your doctor and to know whether they are just nodules or lesions.

Pinguecula Causes:

A slit lamp microscope is used to examine the eyes by an ophthalmologist. This device resembles a microscope and has a lens and light source. The exact cause for this condition is not known but some researches has highlighted that people who live in very dusty environment and in hot regions are prone to this condition and also those who are exposed to UV rays. Welders work with UV rays and farmers work in dusty conditions, both of them are prone to this condition.

Pinguecula Treatment:

To prevent the eyes from getting this condition, it is advised not to expose your eyes to the UV rays. Extended exposure to sunlight is also a problem. It if is not possible, protect your eyes with the help of good pair of sunglasses as well as a round hat. Ensure that the glasses are UV blocking and wear it until the eye condition is stable. It does not need treatment until it develops into pterygium. If there are symptoms like irritation and redness, artificial tears and lubricating eye drops can be used. Non steroid anti-inflammation drops are used if there is any inflammation in eyes. Always consult your doctor before using it. Steroid eye drops and cause side effects and so it must be used only after ophthalmologist’s prescription. They are one of the best non surgical options.

Whitening drops should not be used as it constricts the blood vessels preset in eyes. Sometimes they cause eye inflammation and are also addictive for many users. They also contain preservatives as well, which will worsen the eyes.


Surgery is the last option. It has to be done when the eyes get worse or when it is not responding to the eye drops. Surgery is not painless and is also simple. The recovery may take some weeks. Some drugs are also prescribed to prevent this condition from recurring.

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