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Feb 18th 2019 Posted by Accuspire

​Neglecting Your Eyes – How Important is Discussing Your Eye Problem with the Doctor?

It is very important to discuss your eye problems with a doctor. Eye problems may turn severe if not treated at the right time. It is vital to discuss your ocular health with your doctor.

In a recent survey conducted, it is estimated that nearly 45% of people do not care about their eye problems and take it lightly. The eye problems are usually assumed as a process of aging. The eye health can give several clues to our overall health condition.

Here is some list of things that we must note if any eye problem arises.

Scheduling a thorough eye checkup

It is advised to visit a doctor for eye checkup once in two years. But if you are more than 60 years old, consult a doctor once in a year. More than 20 or 30 % of Americans miss the bi-annual eye checkup. Analyze the eye problem at the earliest to manage it at the preliminary stage. Fix appointment with your doctor at the right time advised by him and ensure never to miss the appointment.

Be open to discuss each symptom

Eye problems like itching, redness, inflammation and blurred vision must never be neglected. Be open to your doctor in discussing your eye symptoms otherwise it may lead to a chronic eye condition like dry eyes disease. You may think some symptoms as minor issues, but when consulted with a doctor, you will come to know the danger behind it.

Keep a note and be prepared before the discussion

A yearly eye checkup not only keeps your eye healthy, but also saves you from the weekly monthly bills if left as it is. Chronic severity may be barred if checked at the right time. Be prepared before discussing your problems with your ophthalmologist. Start preparing to note down all the eye problems you are facing. Also make a note of your previous visit as well as any upcoming visits and the matter discussed.

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