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​Learn the Types of Punctal Plugs – Collagen, Silicone (Punctal) and Intracanalicular

Posted by Accuspire on Apr 23rd 2019

Eyes sometimes does not produce adequate moisturizer(tears) and it cannot get diagnosed with eye drops or with medicines. At those times , tear duct present inside the eyes are inserted with plugs to block the tears from eyes. The tears prevented from your eyes acts as a moisturizer for a long time, keeps you safe from the eye dryness.

The tear duct inside the eyes can be inserted with various types of Punctal plugs like collagen, silicone and intracanalicular.

Of all the types of Punctal Plugs Store, Collagen plugs can be used for only a short period of time. These plugs would go into a solution after few weeks/days. According to your condition of eye dryness, these plugs can be used or get a suggestion from a ophthalmologist for a long life span model.

Depending upon the severity of your dryness and for a long-term usage, The silicone punctal plugs can be used. The removal procedure of punctal plugs are so easier and never have to worry about removing the older plugs to replace with the newer ones.

For the deeper treatment of eye dryness, Intracanalicular plugs can be used which can go to the interior part of tear duct. These plugs cannot be seen normally so the eye surface looks like an ordinary eye.

To figure out the details about the various types of plugs , use the below link provided by Dr.Al Kabat.