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​Kratz Eye Speculums: The Open-blades Slanted Tool For Incisions
Feb 22nd 2019 Posted by Accuspire

​Kratz Eye Speculums: The Open-blades Slanted Tool For Incisions

Kratz eye speculums, name coined behind the best ophthalmologist Dr. Richard P. Kratz because of his exemplary contribution to the modern cataract surgery. Dr. Kratz developed instruments like Kratz eye speculum for performing cataract surgeries with perfection.

While performing Ocular surgery, the eyeball has to be accessed in a well manner. Precast malleable shell of the eye speculum is inserted into the eyes’ socket which helps in contacting and protecting a part of the eyeball and opening of the shell. Although Dr. Richard P. Kratz is most specialized in areas such as cataract removal, he is mastered in the field of ocular surgery.

Dr. Kratz never licensed or took privilege of any of his development such as Intraocular instrument, devices or lenses. The eye speculum which is used to keep the patient’s eyelids apart while performing eye operation is one of his development. The clinical procedures are performed with the help of eye speculum by better revealment of the eye surface especially iris and pupil areas.

The Kratz eye speculum comprises of two arm’s where the wires are completely molded and it has a pair of metal blades. The metal blades are being substituted intrinsically with the wire at each arm’s end.

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