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Interferon: Diagnosis and Treatment
Aug 13th 2020 Posted by Accuspire

Interferon: Diagnosis and Treatment

Interferon is a kind of protein which is found in the human body and is produced by the body’s immune system. Interferon medicines boost the immune system of our body and fights virus, bacteria and cancer.

Interferon is used to treat hepatitis C, a liver disease caused by virus. It is also used to treat other conditions like multiple sclerosis, Kaposi sarcoma, certain forms of leukemia, problems arising from human papillomavirus and hepatitis B.

Ophthalmologists have evaluated that interferon medicine can cause retinopathy and evaluation is recommended before an interferon therapy. Ophthalmoscope is used to trace retinal damage. Some of the other symptoms are blurry vision, floaters in vision and dark spots in vision.

Diagnosis and treatment:

The eyes are examined by the ophthalmologist for retinopathy and other vision problems. The vision is tested and the front portion of the eye is examined using a slit lamp microscope. The back of the eyes is examined by widening the pupils with drops. If retinopathy is found, there are treatment plans available. Medications are used to treat retinopathy. Anti – VEGF medication is used to treat retinopathy and it helps to reduce swelling. They are given as shots in the eye and some of the examples of the medicine are avastin and lucentis. Steroid medicines are also used to reduce swelling and are given as injections in the eye. The ophthalmologist decides when and how much dosage is required.

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