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Important ​Role of Eyelashes - Eye Care Tips
Jan 12th 2020 Posted by Accuspire

Important ​Role of Eyelashes - Eye Care Tips

Long lashes are always attractive. Hence people curiously work to look it long. Normally some get their eyelashes thick, dark and long which has alluring effect. It has become a trend these days to grow long eyelashes. Whatever the story behind these mythical thoughts, eyelashes serve certain purpose.

The first and the foremost purpose is to protect the eyes. It reduces the airflow in order to prevent it from drying. Moist eyes are the impact of the rear film which protects the eyes by providing the necessary nutrients that is required by the eyes. It helps in the refraction of light. When the eyes become dry it causes irritation which is the result of dust particles and other foreign particle deposits. Eyelashes play a vital role in maintaining the moisture level in the eyes and prevents from drying. The curved shape of the eyelashes supports the tear gland in this process.

Eyelashes protect the eyes for the penetration of then harmful ultraviolet rays from the sunlight to some extent. However a thorough protection is provided by a quality sunglass which blocks the harmful radiation from the sun. The role of the eyelash is to serve as a shield for the eyes which protects the eyes from the hot burning sun.

Eyelashes are the sensors that protect the eyes from any potential danger. It alerts the brain of any upcoming danger. It uses the eyelid-closing reflex to shut the eyes and prevents any forceful entry of foreign bodies. 

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