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Importance of Eye Checkup
Dec 26th 2019 Posted by Accuspire

Importance of Eye Checkup

Regular eye check up becomes mandatory not only for people with poor vision but also for people with great vision. This helps in early diagnosis of eye problems if any. Early diagnosis helps in protecting the sight from any ailment. Hence it becomes an essential part to visit your ophthalmologist regularly. It is always possible to diagnose any minor problem at a very early stage and to get treated soon to prevent blindness or any other adverse affects. Thus annual examination is a necessary part in your daily routine.

A general and thorough examination takes about one or two hours. There occurs a wide range of tests to examine the vision. It includes refraction test, binocular vision examination, color vision testing, dilation by a complete assessment of the retina, glaucoma test, followed by slit lamp observation, visual fields testing, and so on. For those wearing contact lens, periodical tests are also taken.

This testing procedure becomes mandatory as in most of the cases, the problems rarely have symptoms at an early stage. An early diagnosis prevents damage to eyes by preventing vision loss. It not only ends up in saving the sight but also the future of the entire family. It is highly essential to conduct periodical eye check up for children.

People with zero risk factors for eye problems should also undergo proper eye examination at least biannually. Pre-matured babies are also prone to eye disorders. So it is necessary for them to have eye examination at least four times in a year until they attain the age of two. 

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