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Hyphema: Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis And Treatment
Aug 13th 2020 Posted by Accuspire

Hyphema: Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis And Treatment

In this condition, the blood gets accumulated in the front portion of the eye, specifically between the cornea and the iris. When a person is suffering from this condition the blood covers all or some part of the iris as well as the pupil. The vision may also get blocked partially or totally.

This condition usually happens because of an injury which causes tear in the pupil or iris. Sometimes a broken blood vessel is also mistaken as a hyphema by most of the people. Broken blood vessels are common in the eyes and it is called as subconjunctival hemorrhage. This condition does not hurt but usually it is painful and it must be treated at the right time to avoid vision loss.

Hyphema Symptoms:

Some of the symptoms of this condition are pain in the eyes, blurry vision, clouded vision, blocked vision, bleeding in the front portion of the eye and sensitivity to light.

Hyphema Causes:

This condition is usually caused by an injury from sports or from an accident. It is also caused by other things such as blood clotting problems, infection in the eyes caused by herpes virus, abnormal blood vessels in iris surface, eye cancer and artificial lens placed in the eyes after cataract surgery. While playing, one must wear protective wear. Sports injuries can also cause retinal detachment, cataract, glaucoma etc.

Hyphema Diagnosis:

A complete eye examination is done to diagnose this condition and the pressure as well as the inside of the eye is noted. Ct scan is also taken to check the health of bones as well as other parts in the face.

Hyphema Treatment:

The ophthalmologist may recommend the patient to wear special shield over the eyes, raise the bed head for eye drain and to cut any physical activity. Eye drops is prescribed to ease the swelling inside the eyes and to relieve discomfort. The usage of aspirin is not recommended as it can lead to more bleeding.

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