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Aug 19th 2019 Posted by Accuspire

How to ​Repair Broken Ophthalmic Instruments

Repairing and restoring the ophthalmic instruments is more cost efficient than to allocate funds for new instrumentation.

The handheld surgical tools, manipulators and speculums take a toll on over years. Most of the ophthalmologists remain unaware that these instruments could last for many more years through easily performed restorations.

The process of maintaining ophthalmic instruments is like proper maintenance of a car. A car can last for decades only when the regular maintenance schedule is followed like making repair as and when needed and changing the oil periodically.

It can be said that the similar procedure is needed in the maintenance of ophthalmic instrument. It is not necessary to exchange a car in place of oil change or tire change. Likewise regular and proper maintenance is essential to repair and restore the ophthalmic instruments. 

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