How To ​Protect Your Eyes During Summer

How To ​Protect Your Eyes During Summer

Posted by Accuspire on May 7th 2019

Eyes are the most integral part in our body. Protecting them during extreme summer should be the main concern without compromise. There are several ways to protect our eyes during summer.

Everyone is aware that the Sun emits harmful Ultra Violet rays (UV). There are two types of ultra violet radiations such as UVA and UVB. They are very dangerous for eyes and can cause severe damage. Prolonged exposure to UV rays can cause photo conjunctivitis, also known as ‘snow blindness’ and even cataract. One of the best ways to protect eyes during summer is using sunglasses. They are the first level of protection and provide protection against both UVA and UVB rays. It is advisable to wear them even on cloudy days. Keep in mind to purchase branded and original quality sunglass as many duplicates are available in market.

While you are out for swimming, do not forget to use eye goggles. Water in the swimming pool contains chlorine, which is harmful for the eyes and so wearing a good quality eye goggles is recommended. It is also advisable to wear them when you go to swim in a river or other water bodies as they may also contain contaminants.

If you are wearing a sunglass during summer, it is not guaranteed that it will provide 100 percent protection from UV rays. The rays may enter through the sides of a sunglass and can damage your eyes. Wearing a hat of not less than 3 inches wide brim is recommended. This along with sunglasses can reduce UV exposure to an extent. One must also drink plenty of water and eat healthy. Foods containing Lutein and Zeaxanthin are rich in antioxidants which help to keep macular degeneration at bay. Dehydration during summer is also another important concern. Eyes lose the ability to produce adequate tears when the body gets dehydrated. It can also create vision problems and dry eyes symptoms.

Eye drops are also one of the solutions to keep our eyes moisturized. They are the best for people undergoing glaucoma surgery recovery. Adequate sleep is also an important factor to keep eyes healthy. One must sleep at least 8 hours a day. When we are tired, the eyes become dry and tiredness may tend us to rub our eyes. This stimulates lacrimal glands, causing irritation and exposure to diseases.