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​How Does Crying Occur?
Jan 1st 2020 Posted by Accuspire

​How Does Crying Occur?

Crying forms a part of emotions that express sorrow or frustration. At times tiredness also evokes tears. It is one of the most perplexing of human behaviors since the evolution of man. Tears differentiate humans. Tears are complex factors. Generally people shed three types of tears. It depends upon the cause that produced the tears.

Basal Tears are those that serve the purpose of protection, nourishment and lubrication of the eyes. These are always present in the eyes. They are different from the other types chemically. They are produced constantly. This keeps the eyes protected from dirt and debris. Our eyes are made up of three layers such as the mucus layer, aqueous layer and the lipid layer. The mucus layer keeps tears fastened to eye. The aqueous layer locks in hydration and protects the eyes from invasive bacteria. The lipid layer forms the outer layer which maintains the smoothness of the surface.

Reflex Tears are secreted in large quantities so as to safeguard the eye from irritants like dust, wind, smoke and other chemical objects. These tears are produced in large amount so as to be helpful in washing away the harmful substances. The aqueous layer possesses antibodies that can stop the microorganisms.

The Emotional Tears are of unique characteristics that are present only in human beings. This is considered as the most mysterious kind of tears. Though the scientists fail at times to exactly determine the factors that make secret the emotional tears and the condition why people emotionally cry but theories are numerous. One such theory suggests that tears are developed as a silent signal system that makes others respond. It expresses the vulnerability which explains the submissiveness and arouses pity in the situation. It is also regarded that a good cry releases stress to a great extent. Most of the women and men feel better after pouring out their emotions through emotional tears. It stabilizes one’s mood. It carries the high level stress hormone ACTH with it. Thus it relieves stress. It also contains encephalinan endorphin along with natural painkiller. 

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