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​How Devastating is Ocular Monkeypox?

Posted by Accuspire on Apr 17th 2023

What is Ocular Monkeypox? When the m-pox virus enters your eyes automatically through inoculation/immunization and causes mild to severe problems, it is called Ocular Monkeypox. To understand Ocular Monkeypox, it is vital to know what monkeypox is and its roots.

Mpox or monkeypox is a rare disease and usually comes from the same family of viruses as smallpox. Very true to its name, the monkeypox virus was first found in 1958 in monkey labs and named after it. The animals like mice, rats, rodents, and monkeys are first affected by this virus. The virus spreads through these affected animals.

 Ocular Monkeypox Symptoms

The Ocular Monkeypox symptoms include redness in the eyes or crusting, blisters near or on your eyelids, puffiness and swelling, blurry vision, pain, and light sensitivity.

When your eyes are affected by the monkeypox virus, you may face problems like Conjunctivitis, Corneal Ulcer, Keratitis, Blepharitis, and in rare cases, vision loss.

Out of them, Keratitis is the most devastating one because it can cause corneal scarring and loss of eyesight. As such Monkeypox rarely causes vision loss or blindness. But if it spreads and causes corneal scarring, m-pox can have a distressing effect on your eyes.

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