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​Graves Disease And Its Symptoms
Jul 23rd 2020 Posted by Accuspire

​Graves Disease And Its Symptoms

We all know that thyroid is present in the front portion of our neck. This gland produces hormones which controls metabolism, which helps to turn food into energy. The body’s immune system attacks the thyroid gland sometimes and in turn the body produces too much hormone. This condition is known as hyperthyroidism or Graves disease and it affects the tissues and muscles surrounding the eyes.

Graves Disease Symptoms:

Excess of thyroid affects the eye vision and the symptoms differ from person to person. Some of the other symptoms are eyelid retraction in which the muscles around our eyes swell and it also pushes the eye forward and the lower and upper eyelids are retracted or pulled. The eyes white part is more visible and there is also eye protrusion in which the hormone causes the muscle around eyes to swell.

This swelling appears to other person as if the affected person is staring at him and this is one of the common symptoms. Dry eyes are also associated with this disease, when the eyes are exposed to dust and wind. This condition makes the eyes scratchy and the vision blurry. It also causes damage to the cornea as well as sensitivity to light.

There is also change in vision such as double vision and the optic nerve also gets pressurized because of the swelling and when the nerve is damaged, there is vision loss. This condition also makes the tissue around eyes appear bulgy and it makes a person look old.

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