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​Gonioscopy And Its Uses
Jul 22nd 2020 Posted by Accuspire

​Gonioscopy And Its Uses

Gonioscopy is a painless device used to check a patient’s drainage angle, by the ophthalmologist. The drainage angle is present between the cornea and iris. This is the portion in which aqueous humor drains out. The goinoscopy is used to see the proper functioning of the drainage angle.

Things to expect:

A slit lamp microscope is used during a goinoscopy exam and the eyes are number with the help of eye drops. A special contact lens is placed on the eye and a light beam is shined on the eyes to highlight the drainage angle. A lens mirror is used to see the eye corner. This process is not at all painful.

Aqueous humor is produced by our eyes. When an amount of aqueous humor enters the eye, the same amount should be drained from the eyes via drainage angle and this process keeps the eye pressure stable. When there is malfunctioning in the drainage angle, the pressure rises and the optic nerve gets damaged. This is the reason for development of glaucoma.

Gonioscopy is also done to check whether glaucoma is present. It is also done to check whether there is eye trauma, tumor or uveitis. When a person is above the age of forty, he must check for eye conditions by checking his eyes completely. Keep scheduled appointments with your doctor.

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