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​Fast Growing Ocular Multiple Myeloma- Unusual Corneal Involvement

Posted by Accuspire on Apr 28th 2023

Ocular Multiple Myeloma is fast-growing cancer found in the white blood cell or the plasma cell. These cells make antibodies to protect us from various infections.

When too many malignant plasma cells crowd around your eyes, thronging the normal cells in the bone marrow, there is a tumor like formation called Ocular Multiple Myeloma. It shows the unusual corneal involvement in this fast-growing condition.

The first stage of Ocular Myeloma is smoldering multiple myeloma, where there are no symptoms. Though the test results reveal that the cancerous plasma cells occupy 10 to 50% of your bone marrow. In your urine and blood, anomalous antibodies are found due to the build-up of myeloma cells around the eyes.

Myeloma Symptoms

The multiple ocular symptoms include reduced vision, eye pain, and double vision. Diplopia, blurry vision, eye pressure, and vision loss are other symptoms of Ocular Multiple Myeloma.

The complete blood count and bone marrow biopsy are the only tests to confirm this condition.

To get to the depth of Ocular Multiple Myeloma and understand the role of infection, symptoms, and treatments, keep reading.

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