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Oct 28th 2022 Posted by Accuspire

​Facts About Contagious Conjunctivitis

Conjunctivitis is also known as pink eye condition. It causes inflammation in conjunctivitis or in the eyelids inner surface and also on the eyes outer layer. There are many causes for this condition. It is caused by viruses as well as bacteria and this condition lasts for weeks. All types of conjunctivitis are not contagious. Examples for non-contagious conjunctivitis are toxic conjunctivitis and allergic conjunctivitis.

During the initial period, when you are exposed to conjunctivitis, there is sign of symptoms, but it is not contagious. When a child is suffering from pink eyes, it is advisable to stay at home, till it gets resolved completely. It is highly contagious in public places like schools, day care centers where the child is in contact with each other. It is advised to go to school after the condition gets resolved. The pink color must be gone and also there should be no yellow discharge in the eyes or eyelashes. The time period of infection depends upon the factor that caused the infection. If it is caused by rubeola virus, then the condition becomes extremely contagious and can last for more than a week.

If the condition is caused by a virus, one can use lubricating eye drops and can also apply cold or warm compress over the eyes. Recently steroids are used to ease viral conjunctivitis. Antibiotics should not be used for viral conjunctivitis because the preservatives present in it will cause the condition to get worsened, leading to chronic red blood eyes. Eye drops along with anti-histamines are also used to ease the condition. However it is always recommended to consult a doctor and to know whether you are suffering from contagious or non-contagious one. Swimming must be avoided and also bathing on unclean water. It can also cause pink eyes because of the adenovirus present in it. Do not use towels used by others as it can also cause this condition, if the towel is contaminated. Mascara brushes should not be used. Make up must be avoided till the condition gets away. If your eyes did not improve after ten days, consult your doctor.

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