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​EyeLid Speculum – Protective Tool for Eyes During Surgery
Apr 17th 2019 Posted by Accuspire

​EyeLid Speculum – Protective Tool for Eyes During Surgery

EyeLid Speculum is a device which is basically used in a surgery or to examine the eyes before surgery. It is an inevitable tool which keeps the eyes from flashing during surgery by keeping the eyes apart. The Jaffe is renowned as one of the best eyelid speculum which is also used as a self retaining retractor. Retractor is nothing but a surgical tool used to separate the ends of a wound or to hold the underlying tissues or to access the body parts lying under the cut.

The Jaffe eye lid speculum is designed by Dr. Jaffe which is recognized to give outstanding exposure during eyelid operations and autonomous retraction. This self retaining retractor has replaced the conventional Desmarres vein retractor held by the surgeon before.

The Jaffer eyelid speculum etractors provides excellent flexibility and are compared superior when compared with Tennant eyelid speculum retractor which are less flexible and less convenient. The speculums curved ends are fitted into the wounds to be operated during a surgery. The speculums are fitted with soft natured stainless steel wires which allow stress free molding. The attached rubber band is fastened to the surgical drape in a speculum in order to provide retraction.

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